Flower out

Helping Kids Value Their Mom

This guest article was written by Nancy Bradshaw, joyfilledproductions Yesterday, I had recently come home from a short hospital procedure and was in some discomfort resting in bed. To my surprise, my 11 year old daughter brought up a little tea tray. She had selected our teapot with a matching up, had a little tray […]

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Feminine Essence

Where are You Holding Back?

Do you consider yourself a generous person? Do you show up to life ready and willing to give… and then just feel pushed away?  It could be happening at work, in a friendship, relationship or even with your family. You know you’re on this planet to be an agent of change. You want to bring […]

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Girl Surprising Her Mother With Christmas Gift

6 Steps to Help You Receive Gifts – Big or Small

How good are you at fully receiving gifts that come your way, be they presents, acknowledgements, compliments, love, or any type of unexpected gifts or windfalls. This time of year is a good place to start and become aware of how you receive and if you truly enjoy the experience of receiving without any need […]

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