On with the Dance!

On With the Dance!

I discovered recently that a good friend is expecting a daughter. I was immediately thrilled for him and his wife, and spewed forth (as I tend to do because of that pesky little excitement-gene embedded in my DNA) about the special bond between father and daughter; how I am so often awe-struck by the golden […]

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little girl

Friendship Problems at School – How Moms Can Help!

This guest article was written by Nancy Bradshaw, joyfilledproductions I hoped my child would have this ideal nurturing supportive school experience and I’d love that for all children. But the truth is that at school the children face problems with each other. The wonderful upside of your child having friendship issues in elementary school, is […]

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Not so long ago...

Married Without Kids…Again

Marriage is a strange thing isn’t it? Let’s assume we live to be eighty (Google tells us this is a fair assumption). And let’s assume again that during those eighty years we will cross paths with thousands of other human beings. Of those thousands, there will be hundreds of potential ‘mates’. Well, if not hundreds, […]

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The Boy

From Dream to Reality: According to a Ten-Year-Old Boy

I’ve been taking some flack recently. Some think I’ve been playing favourites: that the boys in my family are getting the short end of the stick. Yes, there are boys in my family. The thing is I don’t talk about them because they’re, well, different to the girls. They’re private, and silent…really, really silent. Neither […]

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Flower out

Helping Kids Value Their Mom

This guest article was written by Nancy Bradshaw, joyfilledproductions Yesterday, I had recently come home from a short hospital procedure and was in some discomfort resting in bed. To my surprise, my 11 year old daughter brought up a little tea tray. She had selected our teapot with a matching up, had a little tray […]

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Reconnecting with Yourself and Your Partner Post-Baby

This guest article was written by Kim Anami, Bodacious Life Coaching It takes a village to raise a child. Two people is not enough, and one is insane. In modern western culture, where extended families typically live miles and days apart from each other, we’re isolated as family units. In the overwhelming first few years […]

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