Not so long ago...

Married Without Kids…Again

Marriage is a strange thing isn’t it? Let’s assume we live to be eighty (Google tells us this is a fair assumption). And let’s assume again that during those eighty years we will cross paths with thousands of other human beings. Of those thousands, there will be hundreds of potential ‘mates’. Well, if not hundreds, […]

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What Burlesque Does

Just for Today

Recently I found myself in the midst of a group of wonderful wild women in a gorgeous Gastown yoga studio…and one fantastically outrageous man (but that’s a story for another time). The guest of honour was getting married in a few short days, and I’d been invited to share some burlesque basics with the bride-to-be and […]

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Lindy Hughes Graveyard Encounters

Grave Encounters

I spend a lot of  time in graveyards. I have not found anywhere else quite as peaceful, or more likely to provide perspective on life’s little dramas. Being surrounded by tombstones is a reminder that simply being alive is something for which to be grateful.  And the huge bonus is that dead people are extraordinarily […]

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