Find Lasting Happiness In Your Back Pocket

This guest article was written by Lynn Zavaro, In my past, joy was something I searched for. I thought God would snap her fingers and one day I would wake up happy and it would stay that way. I waited for a super-hero to sweep in and magically save the day or for Glinda […]

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Live With Emotional Peace, Freedom and Joy

Many times in my life I have let my feelings drive my car. This can be common with women because after all we are deeply feeling, sensitive and receptive beings. We believe that if we feel something then that must be the whole of the situation and we look to our situations and relationships to […]

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wild flowers

When A Dream Stalls: Spark Your Passion Again

By: Lynn Zavaro We all have a dream. Whether it is close to our hearts, in our pocket or put in a shoebox up on a shelf in the closet. We might have simple dreams like learning how to surf and fearlessly riding a wave, taking an RV with our family though the Badlands in […]

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