The Boy

From Dream to Reality: According to a Ten-Year-Old Boy

I’ve been taking some flack recently. Some think I’ve been playing favourites: that the boys in my family are getting the short end of the stick. Yes, there are boys in my family. The thing is I don’t talk about them because they’re, well, different to the girls. They’re private, and silent…really, really silent. Neither […]

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Lindy Hughes

Strangers’ Stories

I’m one of those annoying people who talks to strangers. I’m not sure how this happened, because my mother tells me I was really antisocial as a child. But I love listening to other people’s stories. You would not believe the astounding tales I have been told while standing in the queue at Safeway! I’m […]

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What Burlesque Does

The Naked Truth

There is something indescribably beautiful about the Truth. Well, I’m sure there would be if it could be found. When I was seventeen, about to set off into the big wide world, finally on my own (well, besides the financial, emotional, and general all-round support of my parents), the pursuit of Truth was foremost in my […]

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