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Psssssst. It’s Me, Your Feminine Soul.

Calling in “The One” begins (and never ends) with the recognition of our true identity on the deepest level of soul. When we’re clear about who we really are, when we’re embodying our feminine soul, it becomes exponentially easier to recognize our true (that’s him!) partner, finally standing before us, mirroring who we’ve been all along.

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Five Tips for Expanding Your Intuition

“Intuition” has become a popular word lately – “use your intuition”, “follow your intuition”, “let your intuition guide you”, “ your intuition won’t let you down”. Do we really even know what the word “intuition” means, exactly? And what is the big kerfuffle about it anyway? If you’re curious, join me for a little exploratory […]

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Mindset for the New Paradigm

The mindset we have is a choice. Believe it or not, we get to choose whether we see the glass as half empty or half full. The truth of the matter is that mindset is a tricky subject to talk about because not everyone is on the same wavelength. Some just don’t want to hear […]

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Image for Feminine Co-Creativity Becomes You

Feminine Co-Creativity Becomes You

She’s sexy as Marilyn Monroe and intelligent as Christiane Amanpour. She’ll totally fill you in on the next chapter of Anita Moorjani’s book Dying to Be Me as well as last night’s episodes of Real Housewives and Downton Abbey. Her talents unleashed are timeless as Judy Garland’s first take of Over the Rainbow and fresh […]

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Are You Giving Energy to Your Most Important Relationship?

I’ve never been what you call a “mushy” kind of gal. That is, until a few years ago when the way I was being with myself just wasn’t cutting it anymore. You see, I’m what you would call a self-proclaimed martyr. According to Merriam Webster, the word “martyr” is defined as “a great or constant […]

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Are You Really an Authentic Conscious Diva?

I’ll bet that nearly every Conscious Diva looks for and attracts the most authentic people. Don’t we all want the real deal, the honest girl who doesn’t hold back her true nature, a woman who stands in the power of who she really is? The definition of the word authentic includes being genuine, real, and […]

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Devi Ward Tantra Sensual Dance for women

Access Your Sensual Potential!

  Sensuality is a life expression that can be accessed in a variety of different ways. It is the warm radiance of the sun on our skin, or the feel of sand between our toes as we walk barefoot on the beach. It is the sense of bliss that arises from slipping into a hot, aromatic bath at the end of a […]

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image for keys to self-love mastery

The Four Keys to Self-Love Mastery

Understanding our deepest needs and taking responsibility for becoming the source of their fulfillment creates a relational field that is, simply, magnetic to great love. Mastering self-love enables us to become a co-creative woman capable of true partnership rather than an insatiable little girl looking for love in—literally—all the wrong places. Self-love, at its very […]

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The Secret Poison Most Women Feed Themselves

Do you ever tell yourself that if you don’t finish absolutely all of your duties, you don’t deserve to have fun? Do you privately punish yourself over work left undone? You’re not alone. I’m definitely guilty of this one too; but when I became conscious of the problem and stopped, a new world was born! […]

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