7 Questions to Ask Before Working with a New Healer or Modality

Even before I was first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, I was on desperate quest to ‘fix’ myself. I’ve worked with about a hundred healers from every modality; Acupuncture, Ayurveda, light therapy, Reiki, network chiropractic, Thai yoga massage, cranial sacral massage, re-birthing, angel therapy, yoga, Natropathy, intuitive heart healing, the Grindberg method, hypnosis, past life regression, […]

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photo credit sodahead

4 Must-have Remedies to Cure Perfectionism

This past month I was bit by a bug. Not by one of the normal bugs I find on my hike with my dog like mosquito’s or bees. I was bit by an even nastier one called “The Perfectionist Bug.” Before it took me down I remedied it fast. In this post I share with […]

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