Three Food Resolutions for Vibrant Health and Healing in 2013

I don’t know about you, but I’m sure glad 2012 is over. The world didn’t end, I survived the spiritual awakening and I’m ready to move forward into an exciting, inspired and healthy 2013! The New Year is a popular time to make health and dieting resolutions. It’s also a popular time to break those […]

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7 Questions Every Conscious Diva Should Ask

This is a JUICY one. Let’s dive right in & be sure to grab your journal to take notes – there’s a lot of questions for you to consider: Do the foods I eat make me feel more ALIVE? Do you feel energized after you eat, or more sluggish, tired and like you need a […]

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Living Healthy

Conscious Eating

 This guest article was written by Gina Van Luven, Many women these days are very busy and don’t really take the time to connect with their food.  Even non-busy women may neglect the “awareness” of eating.  Are you mindlessly eating?  Or, are you conscious of what food you have on your plate and the […]

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