Lindy Hughes

Secrets…Little Secrets

I woke up one morning a while back and realised that I’d done none of the things I’d set out to do thirty years ago. Of course I blamed marriage and motherhood for my dismal performance, so I told my husband that my wife-ing and mother-ing days were done. Because Karma ensured that I married […]

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What Burlesque Does

The Naked Truth

There is something indescribably beautiful about the Truth. Well, I’m sure there would be if it could be found. When I was seventeen, about to set off into the big wide world, finally on my own (well, besides the financial, emotional, and general all-round support of my parents), the pursuit of Truth was foremost in my […]

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Taming the Dragon

For the past fourteen years I have spent a large portion of every day wearing tights and wings, carrying a wand, and sprinkling magic fairy dust on unsuspecting forest creatures – how lucky am I! (And no, no drugs, prescription or otherwise, are involved.) I teach ballet, and most of my students are between the […]

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