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Psssssst. It’s Me, Your Feminine Soul.

Calling in “The One” begins (and never ends) with the recognition of our true identity on the deepest level of soul. When we’re clear about who we really are, when we’re embodying our feminine soul, it becomes exponentially easier to recognize our true (that’s him!) partner, finally standing before us, mirroring who we’ve been all along.

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Hello Stranger and Other Self Love Shifts IMAGE

Hello, Stranger and Other Self-Love Shifts

“A lover simply is love. He or she has become that.” ~Rumi I was at brunch the other day with a good friend. She was telling me about her blind date the evening before. “It was okay, whatever,” she says with a faint sigh. “It was like talking to a stranger for two hours.” I […]

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What is Conscious Uncoupling?

For a few months now, he’s been acting distant. The harder you try to draw him close, the more he pulls away. Last night, he came home and asked for a divorce. He loves you but, you know, he’s not in love with you. You could smell it on him. You just knew something was […]

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The Four Keys to Self-Love Mastery

Understanding our deepest needs and taking responsibility for becoming the source of their fulfillment creates a relational field that is, simply, magnetic to great love. Mastering self-love enables us to become a co-creative woman capable of true partnership rather than an insatiable little girl looking for love in—literally—all the wrong places. Self-love, at its very […]

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Attracting Love

When the Lover is Ready the Beloved Will Appear

Don’t pray to meet “The One.” Pray for the consciousness to recognize him (and he you) and to welcome him (and he you) and, then, navigate the relationship to its potential together. The truth is most of us aren’t interested in calling in someone. Those attracted to the Calling in “The One” eight-step transformative process are […]

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High Magic: How to Live (and Love) From the Future Backward

One of the most powerful and, yes, magical things we can do is live from the future backward. Despite our psychotherapeutically savvy culture (where session after session we, perhaps, feel like a perpetual caterpillar trying to wear a fabulous butterfly costume) the deeper truth has been there all along: Realizing our destiny is a developmental game. […]

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Being The One in a post-Carrie Bradshaw world

Being “The One” in a post-Carrie Bradshaw world

Are we faking entire relationships? Is it better to fake it than be alone? It’s exciting how the motivation for love and relationship is evolving quickly as the archetypal Carrie Bradshaw, last decade’s quintessential cosmopolitan woman, can type those questions across her computer screen.  In fact, a participant in my recent New York City-based workshop […]

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