Everyday Goddess: Bethanne Wanamaker

Bethanne Wanamaker is the founder of Edible Goddess, a raw superfood dessert chef, holistic nutrition & lifestyle educator and author of multiple recipe books. She lives to inspire you to become the absolute best and healthiest expression of yourself! Bethanne teaches others how to activate their highest potential as an inspirational speaker and how to […]

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Fresh goji berries from the farmer's market

8 Creative Ways To Use Goji Berries

The benefits of goji berries are countless, giving us every reason to eat incorporate them more into our daily lives. They’re chock full of every vital nutrient your body wants and they’re known as the “happy berry”. Isn’t that enough of a reason to eat them? Seriously though, if you’re a Conscious Diva that wants […]

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Easy Green Supreme Smoothie

Who is this epic smoothie for? Women who: want quick meals want simplicity and ease want massive amounts of nutrition want more fresh fruits & veggies in their diet understand that the food they eat either generates or robs them of energy It’s ideal for busy health-conscious woman who are living their mission. Why? Because […]

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7 Questions Every Conscious Diva Should Ask

This is a JUICY one. Let’s dive right in & be sure to grab your journal to take notes – there’s a lot of questions for you to consider: Do the foods I eat make me feel more ALIVE? Do you feel energized after you eat, or more sluggish, tired and like you need a […]

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Homegrown leafy greens, herbs, baby carrots & juicy tomato

How to Advance Your Health to the Next Level

As a self-proclaimed ambitious young woman, I can admit to living with a constant drive for wanting more for myself. I get excited about moving to the next level in all aspects of life: physically, mentally, spiritually, financially – all of it. What I’ve come to recognize is that reaching that next exciting point in […]

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Reach for your dreams, and do so quickly

4 Tips to Shorten the Learning Curve For Anything

Can you feel the strong positive momentum that the women of our world are creating? I certainly can, and I think that this is the perfect year to learn what we’ve always wanted to learn, do the things we’ve been postponing, and take action on living the life of our dreams. We deserve it, don’t […]

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