flower_personal empowerment

Personal Empowerment –The First Step to Conscious Living

This guest article was written by Krista Braathen, Bluetopazconsulting.com Many people today are talking about the laws of attraction and the various things we can accomplish when we experiment with it – improving relationships, making more money, finding a partner etc. Really it’s all about energy and it’s quite simple.  Releasing old thoughts, habits, ideas […]

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Feminine Essence

Where are You Holding Back?

Do you consider yourself a generous person? Do you show up to life ready and willing to give… and then just feel pushed away?  It could be happening at work, in a friendship, relationship or even with your family. You know you’re on this planet to be an agent of change. You want to bring […]

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Gabby Bernstein

Stop Drop and Pray

I recently had one of those days where I felt overtired, overworked and overcooked? Rather than succumb to my ego’s desire to drink an espresso and charge forward with my work day, I chose to listen to my ~ing and take a fiver. Taking a fiver is an old-school Gabby tool that I turn to […]

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Top 7 Tips to Survive the Holiday Season With Balance

This guest article is written by Joanna Lindenbaum, www.soulfulcoach.com Often, by the time the New Year emerges, even the most balanced women can feel tired, bloated, and ready to take a huge timeout! This time around, I want you to start off the new year feeling clear, full of vitality, and ready to take on […]

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