Eating Innately, Listening to Messages From Your Body

I trust my innate first and foremost, eating innately resonates strongest with me.

I am not pro any diet (for lack of a better word) but I am pro education so that combined with the messages from your innate you can make an informed decision about what is best for you.

In 2007, I had an innate cue to try a pescatarian (veggies & seafood) diet for a month and see how I felt. Four years later I am still a pescatarian and I find it works extremely well for my body. My energy levels increased, my weight stabilized and I never crave meat.

Like everything in life, there is no “right way” or “one way” it’s about finding the best way for you. I truly believe it’s about eating innately.

I always say, if tomorrow my body craves meat I will eat it.

It is important not to get attached to a label of being a vegetarian, vegan or raw because these diets don’t work for everyone. If you’ve chosen either diet because you feel it’s healthier but your body doesn’t respond that way you need to listen.

Labels are great way to sort and find relevant information, recipes, restaurants etc. but truly I don’t think we need the label I believe it’s about creating your innate diet.

If you are in the process of learning more about healthy eating I would recommend searching the web for information on Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw and Macrobiotic diets.

A few of the many sites I enjoy:

If meat is something you feel you need and serves you I would recommend having a look at the Weston A. Price Foundation. To be honest I don’t know a ton about it but a friend who I recommend on nutrition was recently telling me about it and what she said resonated. See what you think..

I am a huge advocate of organic, the less toxins in the body the better. If you haven’t seen the movie Food Inc. it’s a great opportunity to discover “Why Organic”.

I was in Los Angeles at a conference last week, one of the challenges I find with traveling is it’s harder to eat healthy especially if you are on the go. I was pleasantly surprised with a new reality this time…my trusty iphone had all the options at our finger tips. First stop…Whole Foods to load up on healthy snacks.

We were spoiled with amazing vegetarian, vegan and raw options. My favourite was Real Food Daily in Santa Monica with 118 not far behind and then Native foods.

Eating Innately

I decided to try and eat mostly raw and vegan to see how my body would feel. This is where eating innately and listening to your body comes in.

I ended having some mild-med digestive issues while in LA and I didn’t know exactly what it was but thought it might just be a response to travelling. Then I returned home and tried to recreate some of the raw dishes and to my surprise the digestive issues came back and this time in a pretty severe way that I have not experienced in years. (I use to have really bad swelling of my intestines and digestive issues).

This is why I live my life guided by my innate, our innate never lies and the wisdom it is connected to is far superior of any information you can find in a book or scientific study.

I am speaking in terms of eating here but truly this applies to all areas of life. We can get so confused by all of the information available that we forget to stop and check in with the innate intelligence that created us from two cells. That intelligence didn’t leave us when we were born it is always there we just need to learn to connect with it.

I still think eating raw is an important part of my ideal diet and will continue to incorporate raw foods in my smoothies, salads and snacks but I don’t feel it is right for me all the time.

I would love to hear about your experience with eating innately.

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Written By Kate Muker

I discovered my passion for business and marketing after spending 5 years working at a strategic branding company and then in public relations and media for an organic cereal manufacturer for a couple of years. I have always known in my heart I was meant to be an entrepreneur but was waiting for the right time and opportunity. I started exploring spirituality and personal growth in my early twenties and became more committed to my health, happiness and inner fulfillment after meeting my husband Sukhi who is vitalistic chiropractor. Being immersed in health, healing and personal growth for the over 6 years has allowed my to grow, transform and love the person I am today with a knowing that the possibilities are endless. The opportunity to bring my love for marketing together with my personal experiences and passion for growing in a hip, modern and sexy way is another confirmation of how fabulous life is when you do the work. My number one priority is my full expression; being the best version of me and growing the amazing relationship I have with Sukhi who is my husband and best friend. I enjoy running on the seawall, dining out, catching up over brunch or coffee and traveling