Creating Abundance and Prosperity in Your Life

Creating Abundance and ProsperityIn order to start creating abundance and prosperity you need to start with believing that the universe is abundant.

I don’t just mean intellectually believing in the concept I mean believing it at your core. On Tuesday at Diva Date Nights the discussion was around the concept of tithing and the teachings from The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity.

We had great conversations, the ladies shared personal thoughts and beliefs on creating abundance and prosperity.

Prior to developing the topic for this evening I had never heard of tithing.

Initially the essence of it resonated with me but I didn’t necessarily agree with how it was delivered in the book. I found it a bit fear based “if you don’t do this, creating abundance and prosperity will not be possible” and  I am a big believer that there are many paths to the same destination so when there are strict rules and only one way, I tend to get turned off.

I find money can bring up interesting things for people. This spiritual law states that in order to start creating abundance and prosperity you must give 10% of your net profits to a person or organization that has spiritually fed you.

What are your thoughts on this in relation to creating abundance and prosperity? Is tithing something you do? What comes up when you think of applying this in your life? A good exercise for creating awareness is to listen to the beliefs and chatter that comes up for you around this.

Diva Date Night

I believe the universe is abundant; I do my best to stay focused on the potential and possibilities in my life. I demonstrate gratitude daily. I feel abundantly blessed in all areas of my life.

The thing that really stood out for me around tithing, when I was able to see beyond the “have to’s” and “must do’s” was that it is a tool that challenges the depth of ones faith in universal abundance. It is the starting point for creating abundance and prosperity.  As soon as you demonstrate ultimate faith at your core you will experience abundance.

At our evening one of the ladies shared a really touching story about receiving a card with a large sum money in it and no ones name on it. This was in a time when she really needed it. A year passed and she never knew who provided her the money until one day she received a Christmas card and recognized the writing. She discovered the anonymous gift was from the lady who helped her clean her house on occasion. Her story really touched each of our hearts and allowed us to experience what faith in abundance could bring to the planet if everyone did things like this.

“You never know how far reaching something you may think, say or do today, that will affect the lives of millions tomorrow.” BJ Palmer

I feel  giving without anyone knowing is an important part. This law says 10%, I won’t say I agree or disagree but what I will say is it’s important that it is an amount that you wouldn’t commit to unless you had faith or were testing your faith. For most people a dollar here and there is an easy one. Ask yourself would I be willing to give 1%, 3%, 5%, 10%, 20% and see at what point your stuff starts to come up. Then you have probably found your number.

Whether we want to admit it or not we live in a society that is very attached to money. So, if you say why does it need to be money? My question back is why do you have resistance to it being money? And if your response is because it’s material, remember, it is only material because we have a society that has placed such a high value on it. It is simply a piece of paper that we use to define the value of things.

Although in the book she speaks of it as though if you give money abundantly you will receive money abundantly. I believe that if you demonstrate faith in universal abundance you will start experiencing and creating abundance and prosperity in all areas of life one of which will be financial.

There is so much beauty in the at the pure essence of creating abundance and prosperity.

I found being surrounded with almost a dozen women sharing their perspective from different values, views and beliefs allowed me to be open and gain insights that would not have been possible otherwise. I am grateful for all of the women who attend Diva Date Nights, we hold the space but they make the evenings so powerful. It left me thinking about ways Sukhi and I can demonstrate a deeper faith in our daily lives as a family so this value can be instilled in our unborn children the same way it may be for children who are raised in a religious faith.

I would love to hear your thoughts, what are you going to do or what do you already do to demonstrate this faith in your life. For me creating abundance and prosperity is exciting!!

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Written By Kate Muker

I discovered my passion for business and marketing after spending 5 years working at a strategic branding company and then in public relations and media for an organic cereal manufacturer for a couple of years. I have always known in my heart I was meant to be an entrepreneur but was waiting for the right time and opportunity. I started exploring spirituality and personal growth in my early twenties and became more committed to my health, happiness and inner fulfillment after meeting my husband Sukhi who is vitalistic chiropractor. Being immersed in health, healing and personal growth for the over 6 years has allowed my to grow, transform and love the person I am today with a knowing that the possibilities are endless. The opportunity to bring my love for marketing together with my personal experiences and passion for growing in a hip, modern and sexy way is another confirmation of how fabulous life is when you do the work. My number one priority is my full expression; being the best version of me and growing the amazing relationship I have with Sukhi who is my husband and best friend. I enjoy running on the seawall, dining out, catching up over brunch or coffee and traveling