A Simple Solution to Solve the Why Am I not Further Along Syndrome

Ever feel like you’re not getting anywhere? You take all the steps and then feel like you are further back than when you began? Don’t fret sister, help is on the way.

I totally get this and have to work at it everyday. It’s a practice not a perfect. Our minds are trained to only see what is missing or what needs to be fixed (man or woman – it’s just survival.)

Best part is, you can train it to look the other way. It takes time and I know YOU can do it.

Let’s start now to help you to see it from a new perspective.

Wherever you are is the only place you could be. The choices you made are the only ones you knew to make. You learned (hopefully) and then made the proper adjustments.

The tools you have worked the best they could until you hit that wall saying, “How come I am not further along?” This is the good news, you are in a place for REAL lasting change. You and only you can make the decision to see where you are as a blessing or a curse. You know your demons and they want only the best for you. They do.

All parts of you want the best it just takes you asking what good they want for you. Just ask and see what unfolds. If a negative thing comes up, ask what else? What are you trying to help me with?

Even your demons want the best for you. Just ask, “What is it you want for me?” Seek the good! Click the twitter share icon at the bottom of this article if you agree.

Let’s go deeper shall we?

Be prepared to stress less, trust more and see better results.

First, ask yourself this question. What are you placing your precious time focusing on?

Really, what do you spend most of your time dwelling on or talking about? Take an honest scan. Is it about how much you are doing and nothing is coming from it? Or that you keep “trying” everything and nothing is changing? Or I am not good enough?  Or have what it takes to make my dreams happen?

Fill in the blank. No matter what it is, just be understanding with yourself knowing there is good for you here.

Second, Stop the “Problem Press Releases”
Stop talking about what is not working or who is not doing this or that. Or that you are not there yet. Honestly, if you were where you wanted to be would you be able to handle it the way you want to?

Meaning are you the woman who is…. (be)  does… (do)  has….  (have) X, Y, or Z.

What happens is you talk about your “problem” and then that is stuck in consciousness. Not so much yours but those you know and that is ALL they want to talk about and you are done with it.

If you need to vent then ask one friend to listen, hold the bucket so you can let it out. When you are done then let it go and celebrate all the blessings in your life.

Third, talk only about what is working.

Take out a piece of paper (right now do it) and list everything that IS working in your life. What steps you took and the results you got. What you have pulled off in the past and how you are supported. I know your mind is going bonkers right about now but it’s worth it.

Build this muscle by journaling what is working in your life. Train yourself to only talk about this. Write thank you cards, send out emails, or leave messages thanking those who have helped you along the way.

Fourth, trust your process.

It always works out. Even when you think it doesn’t. Those “failures” are your stepping stones to learn what works and what does not. You may just have to take time off from focusing on the end result.

Building trust is huge for all of us. The secret here is BELIEVING in yourself. YES, you have to… Almost everyone else does but you.

You must trust in the unseen in order to not get all wonky and feel like you are not getting anywhere. Claim what it is you are going for in the present tense. Like if you are an actor and keep doing, doing, doing and not seeing results.

Say out loud that you are a sought after Actor, coach, teacher, designer, etc…. Feel it in your bones. Get enthusiastic about it. Know it’s done.

(Loving warning: you do have to take action not just rely on this.)

Walk around owning this and become the woman you need to be to have this happen.
How would you walk, talk, interact, dress, or even eat? How would you feel knowing that the universe has your back.

Are you ready to trash your outdated way of thinking for this? Try it for the next 30 days and see what happens.

Now because you are on the path to becoming the best you can be you should put this into action and change the beliefs that are in your way.

If you are a passionate action taker then make this work for you. New tool = new results.

1. Take a stand right for stopping the Problem Press Releases and start to focus on what is working in your life.
2. Then, tell me 5 things that are working in your life in the comments below. (share any thoughts, comments or ideas too!)
3. Share this post with 3 friends. Only if you are on board and want to grow a movement of women that want to take their life into their own hands. Help me end the story of women being victims and become Realized Women getting real about living a gorgeous life.

I can’t wait to read all the blessings in your life and if you want to tell me how this goes for you in private feel free to email me at info@hillaryrubin.com

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Written By HillaryRubin

Hillary Rubin, spiritual life and career coach, creator of Breakthrough to Coaching and The Art of Becoming a Coach training program, helps women around the world create lasting change to live a more soul-fulfilling life. She’s been featured in The Los Angeles Times, Yoga Journal and The Daily Worth.com and was named one of the top 25 Women Entrepreneurs to Love in 2012 and one of the top 50 Entrepreneurs to follow in 2013 on Twitter by SheOwnsIt.com.