Please Don’t Take My Picture

This article was written by guest author Heather Pennell,

From Mess to Model-esque: The Three Keys to Achieving Inner Beauty that Shines

“Trust me, I’m just not photogenic and I hate having my photo taken”

How many times have you heard this statement, or maybe even said it yourself?  It’s not uncommon for women today to cringe at the idea of having their photo taken.  With the array of highly processed images flying by us on street side billboards, television commercials and on magazine pages it’s no wonder we have started to see nothing but “flaws” when we look at our own image.

What we fail to realize here is that we are trying to live up to an unrealistic ideal, we are human and every bump, curve and dimple makes us extremely unique and beautiful.

So how do we go from being our own worst critic to our biggest fan and start to shine our inner beauty?

Well there are a few key things needed to shift our perception and attitude:

1.       Self Acceptance:

When we embrace who we are now it relieves the cycle of constantly trying to be or become something we are not. Striving to become your best self is always encouraged, but loving who you are in the present as you move towards your goals is extremely important. Pushing yourself to look or act like someone else is a huge signifier of a lack of self confidence.  Self confidence is one of the most attractive qualities a person can have.  So love yourself up, all parts of you!

Action Step:  After your shower take some time to really look at yourself in the mirror, instead of focusing on the aspects of your body that you don’t like choose to focus on those that you love.  After spending some time on your most favorite parts start noticing the parts that are difficult for you to love and literally tell them “(thighs, breasts, arms, tummy) I love you, you are so beautiful and sexy, keep being perfect just as you are.”  Do this every day and soon you will notice a change in your perception of your body.

2.       Embrace what makes you Unique:

One of the greatest gifts of this life is our unique essence.  It allows us to have an experience, that while is connected to the oneness of the universe, is seen from our own personal perspective.  These differentiating opinions and ways of viewing life allow us to learn, grow and expand beyond our perceived potentials.  Love what makes you uniquely you, it truly is a gift to not only yourself but to all those around you.

Action Step: Take out a pen and paper and make a list of at least 50 things that make you unique and special.  It can be anything from the activities you take part in to the color of your eyes.  Know that every little piece of the puzzle account for the unique whole that is you.

3.       Let Go:

Life is a continuous cycle of beginnings and endings.  Often the closing of one door is quite literally the opening of a new door as new energy is being brought forth into your life.  So today ask what you can allow to die today so that more life can be born.  Is it negative beliefs about yourself or perhaps an addiction to a food, habit or relationship that doesn’t fully nurture you?  Whatever it may be today is the opportunity to make a choice to let it go.  You’ll be amazed at the breath of life that comes your way when negativity is released once and for all.

Action Step:  Take a few deep breaths and connect to your heart center. Ask yourself what is the most important thing you can begin to fully let go of today.  Once you receive your answer write out 5 steps you will take today to start releasing and changing this pattern that no longer serves you and put it into immediate action.  Review this list every day until you feel you are ready to move on to the next habit to release.  Remember to celebrate your achievements!

If you fully commit to loving yourself in no time your head will be held high and not only will you feel great but your inner confidence will shine through not only in life but in photos too, and that’s truly model-esque.


Heather is cutting edge photographer utilizing energy, intent and the power of mantras to create an experience for her clients like no other. Her expertise in sound healing, dream coaching and energy work provide her with tools that create a much deeper and profound experience. She works with men and women alike to help them uncover and shine both their true essence and their intentions for living their life’s purpose.  This unique photo shoot experience allows her clients to release any beliefs that may hold them back from their greatest life expression.

“I write poetry with my camera, I love digging deeper into the meaning of life and I’m always looking for the meaning of any expression. That is why photo mantras are so important to me. Not only do I get to share my healing gifts with others, but I allow an honest expression of love to come through. That is what this world needs more than anything; LOVE.”

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