Personal Empowerment –The First Step to Conscious Living

This guest article was written by Krista Braathen,

Many people today are talking about the laws of attraction and the various things we can accomplish when we experiment with it – improving relationships, making more money, finding a partner etc.

Really it’s all about energy and it’s quite simple.  Releasing old thoughts, habits, ideas and relationships, for example, creates a vacuum where positive energy replaces negative.  However, when we hold on to negativity we remain infected by it and life can be very stagnant.  It’s not possible to ‘live in the moment’ when we are consumed with negativity.  When we are living in the past and worried about the future, we cannot truly enjoy what we are doing; true connections can’t exist when we are living from a place of insecurity, fear and judgement.  Interestingly, many of us continue to hold on to negative habits seemingly for dear life.  We have done it for so long, we have become identified with it and often don’t know any different.  This is why I consider negativity to be a disease.

But we have the ability to change our old, heavy, self-defeating ways.  Mediocrity does not have to be our long-term destiny. We can learn to find freedom through shifted perspectives and by embracing a few key values.  When we let go of behaviors that are not serving us, a more rich, dynamic, liberated life begins to unfold.

When we are empowered we are in control of our lives, self sufficient and not reliant on others.  With strength, balance and contentment, our sense of self is clear and intact.  We can all recall moments or experiences of empowerment when we felt excited about life and truly alive.   Who doesn’t want to live like that all of the time – emotionally, spiritually, mentally content, balanced and connected?

I used to live in a truly conscious state about 5% of the time.  Those were delicious moments of calm and inner balance but, unfortunately, they were fleeting experiences that didn’t usually last more than a few minutes.  I loved that temporary freedom from my worry, lack of confidence, constant over thinking and judgement.   Honestly, I didn’t think it was possible to live like that more often than not.

Now, I live in a conscious state of empowerment almost all the time.  Yes, I am devouring and savoring each moment of every day without that constant pull of worry and that nagging old voice in my head questioning my every move.  The draining weight of self-absorption is no longer my companion.  Sure, I still get frustrated and feel the effects of accumulated stress.   But I can weather most any situation with much more ease and clarity that I used to.

I was blessed three years ago with a tidal wave of consciousness known as a kundalini awakening.  Among many realizations at the time, I was able to clearly recognize numerous self-defeating habits that had previously been controlling my every move and thought.  Those walls of conditioning, when broken down, had allowed unlimited light and love to infuse every cell of my body.  It was a truly transformational experience.

In the weeks and months that followed, I was able to integrate and understand my awakening. I also confirmed my mission to assist others to empower themselves.   When we begin living from a place of truth and strength, freed from the shackles of uncertainty and insecurity, incredible things begin to happen.  Learning  to yield to our experiences can result in great reductions in stress levels and a softening of the soul.  We find presence and balance in practicing gratitude and forgiveness.

We human beings are not static; we are complex, ever-changing and dynamic.  As we age and evolve, the energy of our bodies also changes, resulting in different desires, interests and insights.  Many of us are simply not aware of this and find it very confusing and emotional.  We might find ourselves in a so-called ‘mid-life crisis’.  Without tools and guidance in these turbulent times, many people do things that appear to be out of character: having affairs, buying sports cars, quitting their jobs, spontaneous traveling.  The tragedy of it all is that families often get torn apart and various pharmaceutical prescriptions are filled.  This is so incredibly sad and often totally unnecessary.

My clients are parents, students and professionals, men and women looking for better ways to live and love.  Many have captured a glimpse of their potential and wish to explore further.  They want tools to use to gain control of their lives and assist them in their personal evolution.  They need to practice skills which give them emotional and mental resiliency.  Empowerment is a process which requires some inner work.  My program is simple, accessible and effective.  Results can be extraordinary.

Even a slight shift in our approach on life can be an incredible catalyst for irreversible, undeniable awareness.  I wish you success with your conscious venture.


As a young adult, Krista studied with a  Buddhist Master and incorporated traditional Tibetan Buddhism through self study.  Her devotion to regular spiritual practice was born through these years of integration. At 37, Krista experienced a spontaneous tidal wave of consciousness known as a kundalini awakening.   Today she coaches others to recognize and release habitual thoughts and emotions that block our ability to evolve. Krista encourages her students to look at life as an experiment in energetics and commit to re-wiring our minds to ultimately realize the unlimited supply of universal energy.

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