Love Recipes – Sensual Sexy Date Night Ideas

This guest article was provided by Alessandra Sagredo,

Surrounded by a group of 20 fabulous women who were in the midst of unlocking their sexuality, one Spirited Diva raised her hand and timidly asked “Alessandra, do you have any ideas… like “recipes” for sexy date nights?”, a slow blush crept up her cheeks as a beautiful twinkle danced in her eyes.

At that moment, my face took on a radiant mischievous glow.  “Of course I responded!”…  and from that simple questions “Love Recipes – Sensual Sexy Date Night Ideas” was born – a series of ideas to help you gorgeous women out there explore your sensual and sexual selves with your chosen partner(s)… further, deeper and more deliciously than ever before!

Now first off – please remember sensual evenings with your partner/lover/spouse are not just for Valentines, Birthdays or Anniversaries.  If you don’t have a celebration to look forward to why not create one.  “Sexy Sunday, Tantalizing Tuesday, Wicked Wednesday”… whatever you name it, mark it on the calendar!

Once you’ve got your date set, it’s time to think up a few fun ways to spend the time with your sexy someone. Are you ready?

If you’re smiling like a Cheshire cat while nodding yes, then I’m thrilled to share a few ideas for dding a bit more eroticism to your life.  Let me introduce you to the first 2 of many “Love Recipes”.  The first is a gentle intimate recipe to get you started, while recipe #2 is one of my personal favorites for a tantalizing memorable evening.

Love Recipe #1:  Eye Gazing for 2
Who This is For:  2 Lovers wanting to create a more deeply intimate connection


-  2 people in passion/love with each other
–  1 – 2 candles
–  2 cushions for sitting
–  1 private, comfortable (preferably romantic) space

  1. Light the candles, dim the lights and (un)dress into something comfortable.
  2. Using your cushions, sit comfortably on the floor facing each other.
  3. Rest your hands; in your lap, on your thighs or even within the hands of your partner.  (Wherever puts your body at ease).
  4. Begin to become aware of your breathing, not controlling your breath, but simply noticing each inhale and exhale.
  5. As you breath, relaxed, bring your gaze to your partner, notice the shape of their face, the softness of their lips, the flush of their cheeks, and finally the depth of their eyes.
  6. Continuing with a relaxed breath, allow yourself to sink into their eyes, letting go, as they become lost in yours.
  7. Feel their presence, their emotion, their intensity, their lust, their passion.  Allow your desires to embrace them as you feed on theirs.
  8. Relish.  Let this exercise take you into whatever direction it may.
    It’s a gateway into passion, sometimes intimately romantic and other times a simple celebration of our animalistic nature.  Wherever it leads you, savor it.

Love Recipe #2:  The Sundae
Who This is For: The adventurous and playful couple who want to bring more sexy fun to life.


-  2 exploratory people who desire to get naked together (simple as that)
–  1 – 2 shower curtain(s)
–  Playful provocative music
–  A selection of Sundae Toppings (caramel, cherries & whip Cream are often winners)
–  1 open very private space (sound proof is recommended)

  1. Dim the lights and put on your choice of sexified sounds.
  2. Layout the shower curtain (moving any furniture out of the way.
  3. Place your preferred tantalizing arrangement of sundae toppings out (ensure they are room temperature).
  4. Playfully undress your date, inviting their hands to do the same.
  5. Move to the music together, allowing the clothing to drop to the floor.
  6. Admire the skin of your date, the texture, look, feel… imagine what those sundae toppings will taste like when savored off of them.
  7. Make your way together to the shower curtain, smile, play, tease… have fun..
  8. Lay your date down and choose the topping that you crave to taste from their skin and begin to drizzle it onto them, stopping to lick it off when desired.
  9. Get creative, don’t be afraid to get dirty … and have fun.   This is a deliciously different date that will be one for the memory bank.

(Are you giggling?  No worries girlfriend, that blush looks great on you! )

These recipes are simply to get your creativity doing a provocative dance – always remember to add in your own flair, twists and turns.  If you have any “Love Recipes” you’d love to share, please do!

And more than anything else, relax and enjoy every moment….

Much Love & A Sexy Shimmy,

Alessandra Sagredo
Spiritual Hedonist


Alessandra Sagredo,, has been called a multi-dimensional healer, a spiritual X Factor, an ancient Teacher and Soul Whisperer, but in truth, what she says she feels like is a woman, lover, daughter, mama, girlfriend who happens to relish a direct channel to her ancient selves, Divine Diva & Feminine Magick gifts. She is most fulfilled helping women just like you begin to radiate so much feminine mystique, confidence and light your friends start wondering “what is she doing differently…?”

Her passion through work extends from writing articles for magazines such as Om Yoga & Lifestyle, Sedona Journal & Synergy Magazine, working with her brilliant partner Armand guiding incredible women around the globe through her Undercover Goddess program while also providing private sessions, getaways, retreats and workshops. She can also be found as a professor with En*Theos Academy for Optimal Living. Her Sparkling Toolbelt includes a mixture of ancient methods (akin to shamanic traditions, deep trance meditation & mysticism), modern techniques (such as counseling hypnotherapy & mind reprogramming), “Psychic/Intuitive/Seer” skills, spiritual growth facilitation and a heart that glows with your growth.

In her personal time, Alessandra is an avid traveler, lover of sensual experiences and a touch hedonistic. She doesn’t follow any traditions, nor have any deities hanging on the wall instead she believes in the magick we hold within us, not in any gods around us… and she has never accepted the line between sacred spirituality and playful passion, to her they blend delectably together. She shares her life with her beloved, Armand, living a life she would never trade for another. Now it’s your turn, Alessandra is thrilled to help you find your personal flow of Feminine Magick and start a sizzling love affair with your life!

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