How to Improve Your Self-Esteem Through Mind, Body, and Soul

This article was written by guest author Caroline Snyder,

Believing in yourself is an important part of success in any field, from being a stay-at-home mom to running a major company. If you don’t believe you can succeed, you will struggle with confidence, assertiveness, decision making, and a host of other issues.

Unfortunately, having great self-esteem is not something you can take a daily pill to obtain. It takes work on the inside, and it often means encountering previous wounds and being willing to face them – and forgive. Here are three major areas where self-esteem can be learned, practiced, and strengthened.

Your Mind

What you believe is undeniably powerful. What you may not realize is that a lot of what you believe was formed in childhood, including many very limiting beliefs.

Perhaps as a child you were bullied, or told that you weren’t as pretty as the other girls, or had a cruel parent who insulted you. Those experiences form beliefs that we carry for the rest of our lives – beliefs that we are not OK, not attractive, not worthy, and not loved.

When we live in these beliefs, we attract people who agree with them. This causes our experiences to reinforce our limiting thoughts and the cycle gets worse over time.

To break out of the cycle of false belief, take 30 minutes every day to sit and meditate, clearing your mind of negativity and self-doubt. Instead, fill your mind with positive beliefs. Although they get a bad rap, I believe strongly in repeating mantras. I like to say, “I am worthy. I am loved. I am whole. I am successful. I am wanted.”

I say these things over and over for a period of time, allowing those positive messages to sink into my psyche. I choose these messages because they speak directly to the areas of negativity in my own mind. You will want to choose mantras that speak to your own hurts and fears.

Your Body

How you treat your body affects every part of how you feel emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Many of us find our body to be our biggest struggle.

We eat food that doesn’t nourish us, we drink things that our body has to labor to process out, and we fail to get the kinds of exercise we know we need. All of these things make a big difference in how we feel and think about ourselves.

One trick to making any positive change in your life is to start small. Walk 20 minutes a day. Drink one extra bottle of water a day. Eat a salad three times a week. Small changes are much more sustainable than big leaps, and you will find yourself more motivated because the change is not overwhelming.

When you take care of your physical body, you are more in charge of your emotions, less tired, and feel more capable. You are more able to control your thoughts, and you have the energy to pursue your goals.

Your Soul

I saved what I believe to be the most important element for last. My faith is deeply important to me, and I believe that spirituality is a key element in any woman’s life.

As women, we are more connected with mystery, and the unknowable miracles of life, than many men. We should take advantage of that when we are looking to build our self-esteem.

Knowing that I was created and am deeply loved by my creator does more to ground me in truth than any other practice in my life. Spiritual practices help us connect to that-which-is-beyond, and keep our day to day life in perspective.

Most importantly, spiritual life allows us to find a place where we can forgive hurt and receive healing. Daily spiritual practice that nourishes your soul is the foundation of a whole life.

As a woman, we feel things very deeply, especially hurt. However, if we want to live in the reality of who we truly are, we need to reject the false beliefs that are implanted in us by those hurts.

By working in our minds to reject false thoughts and replace them with positive, true ones we can conquer the doubts and fears that plague us. By eating well and exercising our body, we can give ourselves strength for the journey and help regulate our moods and energy. And most of all, by maintaining solid spiritual practice, we can keep ourselves in touch with what really matters and find strength to move beyond our pain.

From the age of 17, Caroline Snyder has fostered her gift as a spiritual healer in order to improve the lives of others. Caroline has written this article on behalf Psychic Source, and is currently helping others achieve their own spiritual clarity by performing tarot readings.

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