Helping Kids Value Their Mom

This guest article was written by Nancy Bradshaw, joyfilledproductions

Yesterday, I had recently come home from a short hospital procedure and was in some discomfort resting in bed. To my surprise, my 11 year old daughter brought up a little tea tray. She had selected our teapot with a matching up, had a little tray with tea choices as well as some honey. She came with a big smile on her face. I felt touched beyond words for this sweet gesture and responded with appreciation. Best of all, it came right from her heart – no one had even suggested this to her.

I wanted to reinforce her behavior as I think that some of our ‘mom’ (and dad) roles get taken for granted. So when my daughter Faith did something so thoughtful, I thought ‘how can I let her know how much this means?’ So I wrote up a little thank you card and had it on her pillow to find (she was delighted).

I believe affirming those little gestures and letting them know how much they mean to you is like a magnet for more. I know I feel called to others when they appreciate my gestures. Conversely, if we express how taken for granted we feel, I suspect that is a magnet for more victim feelings too. I certainly have done both and I find the appreciative model works much better but it requires me to be more conscious.

By the way, I was in the hospital for a colonoscopy. I first got diagnosed with ulcerative colitis over 25 years ago and some of my bouts have been very serious. But I am glad to say I have been clear of colitis for about 6 years and I am not on any medication. They still recommend regular colonoscopies as I am at higher risk for colon cancer because of my colitis history.

The good news is that there are natural ways can heal colitis, even the more serious version of ulcerative colitis that I am prone to. The key part for me was in from a book called ‘Breaking the Vicious Cycle.’ Although I tried the ‘SCD diet’ (nickname for the diet in that book) and it had helped, it didn’t seem to completely clear the ulcertative colitis. But when I called someone who had healed from colitis and who had been successful with the diet, they asked me enough questions to find out why it hadn’t worked and in 2 ten minute phone calls. Within seven weeks, I had a new lease in life. What a gift that woman at the end of the phone game me.

So now I try and return the gift she gave me by sharing my story and offering free support to anyone who wants to try the diet even though I no longer even need to be on it, I can remember.

It’s been so exciting when it works for people, as life is not so easy when you are sick with this kind of illness. So this kind of giving is a joy particularly when it works. So I am grateful to others who share their stories so I could get the help I needed, and I hope by sharing my story, others may be helped. It is this cycle of receiving, giving, giving, receiving like the tide going in and out. Being appreciative in the giving and in the receiving is what I am trying to encourage in my child.

I’d love to hear what you do to encourage appreciation in your children, please post us any of your best tips!


Nancy Bradshaw (PhD) is passionate about bringing joy and meaning to families in practical ways through programs and tools for parents and children.

Nancy brings her love of innovation to the child development field after being recognized for her pioneering role in social and environmental consciousness with an ‘Ethics in Action’ award, Business in Vancouver’s ‘Top 40 under 40 award’, Vancouver Sun’s ‘Top 25 New Wave of Leaders’, and as a Shared Vision ‘Visionary.’

Nancy brings her strategic expertise to creating transformative programs by combining research in a number of fields to offer courses like: Parenting with Joy including independent modules like: storytelling to instill values and guide your child towards behaviours that work, rituals that bring more happiness and connection into the home, building emotional intelligence/relationship skills with children, and creating home environments that build happiness and connection.

She is the lead creator behind Joyfilled Productions which developed the Dream Child CD selling over 3,000 copies worldwide and used by many therapists to restore a feeling of wellbeing to children.  Nancy has an upcoming book to help families bring magic and meaning to Christmas ‘The 12 Angels of Christmas.”

Nancy also creates and leads fun (drama/art) programs for children with a focus on experiential learning so the children can use those skills outside the workshop.  The children learn a variety  of emotional intelligence/social skills including ways for reducing anxiety and learning how to successfully handle the social situations.

Nancy is continually taking courses as she has a passion for learning particularly in the field of consciousness, psychology, personal growth and health.   Nancy and her husband of 18 years have a beautiful 9 year old daughter named Faith.

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