Getting my ~Ing On

Gabrielle BernsteinGetting my ~Ing On

Gabrielle Bernstein is most definitely a Conscious Diva. She is fabulous, passionate and gives inner growth and spirituality a modern-hip twist. She is a great role model and I feel so connected to her work and her mission “to help guide the world to shift their search for happiness from the outside to the inside.”

Gabby’s first book, “Add more ~Ing to your Life” is a self-transformational book. This powerful book rocks. Period. The book is called a hip guide to happiness because it uncovers that happiness is truly an inside job and that each of us have the power within to choose happiness as way of life. Accepting this empowering responsibility is a hip way to live.

As cliche as it may sound, I believe that Gabby’s mission of “inner happiness” serves to uncover why, in fact, so many people are unhappy. We live in a world that is overly focused on the outside. Filling our lives with things, possessions, outer approval, degrees, titles, etc. Anything to fill the inner void. Many people have all the ‘right’ stuff, yet continue to be chase happiness and be eluded every time.

Gabrielle’s own journey is probably one many of us can relate to. Gabby was living the dream according to society. She appeared happy on the outside, but felt empty. When Gabby hit rock bottom, broke-down and finally surrendered-her healing journey finally began and as she says, “life only gets super cool when you decide to stop running and start living”. Gabby stopped running from herself, her fearful thoughts, and starting to change her behavior, mental patterns, and her perception of the herself and the world.

Gabby spent a lot of time reading the well known text, Course in Miracles. She began her own daily spiritual practice of meditation, affirmations, visualization and started to embody the concept of choosing love and releasing fear. Inspired by the Course, she slowly changed her lifelong patterns and transformed her own life. Her daily practice grew to become her formula for personal transformation aka the ~Ing Equation.

~ING equation

Step One: Rethinking

Step Two: Rethinking + Moving

Step Three: Receiving (Meditating + Writing)

X 30 Days


Sounds awesome right?! Wouldn’t you love to wake up and feel truly happy and psyched about your life?

Gabby’s work focuses on both the body and the mind. “In order to truly change your behavior, you must change your mind”. Each chapter of her book addresses a different topic or issue. Committing to positive affirmations, physical activity, visualization and meditation means you are committing to the inner journey of self love and personal transformation.

So what is ~Ing? ~Ing stands for “Inner Guidance”. Each of us have our own inner guidance which is the truest you. It is the voice of love.  Through applying the ~Ing equation, the fearful voice of the ego will slowly fade and make way for the voice of truth, your ~Ing. When your tapped into your ~Ing, your thoughts are aligned with love and you are in the flow.

I remember when I first personally started to explore my spirituality and search for happiness. I was curious and slightly apprehensive at the same time. I knew I wanted to know the deeper meaning of life, but was I really nervous to get out of my comfort zone.  I had this repeating thought, “Look within. You can change your life.” Now I realize it was my ~Ing speaking! I desire and am ready to ramp up my ~Ing and release my limiting beliefs and choose happiness.

So……..I am adding more ~Ing to my life! I am ready to get vulnerable and share with you my personal experiences. Each month I  will personally apply the current 30 day ~Ing equation to my own life, document my insights and experiences, and the share with you. I promise self exposure at its finest.

My intention is to inspire you to reconnect with your own inner guidance and for each of you to make happiness a way of life and to “be the change you wish to see in the world.”

So I begin with Chapter 1: Feeling-Surrender then Release.

I hope you join me and add more ~Ing to YOUR life!

As Gabby says…We’re bringing happy back.

With love and Feel~ING


*To follow my ~Ing insights during the month join me on this site.

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