From Desire To Reality

Do you want more money? more love? more free-time?

You may have heard of ‘The Law of Attraction’, but how do you use The Law of Attraction for CONSISTENT ideal results?  And what if you could use an energy healing for boosting the magnetic attraction factor?

There are a few key components for The Law of Attraction to really work with consistency and results.  By using these multiple key components along with an energy healing added to the mix, you are much more likely to attract at warp speed the very things you desire.

First things first, foundation pieces!

For The Law of Attraction to work, you need to use the right language, yes, the universe has it’s own language.  The very use of the world “want” will actually, keep you wanting!  The universe doesn’t hear “no’s” or “not’s”, SO instead use the words “I’m creating…” or “I’m co-creating” or “I’m open to receiving”.  This two degree shift with your words will work wonders with the expediency in which you attract things because you won’t be putting out to the universe mixed messages.

It’s all fine and dandy to meditate on what you are attracting into your life, but are you taking any action?  It takes energy to move energy – basic physics.  And in order to move energy to you, you need to move energy through INSPIRED action steps.  Sometimes these action steps won’t make any sense to your logical mind, it doesn’t matter, if it is an inspired action – do it!  Don’t sit there and THINK about what you SHOULD do, trust the inspired moments when they arrive.  How do you know if it is an inspired action?  Does your heart feel constricted, or excited!  If your heart feels excited, go for it!

TRUST that your planted seed is growing.  When gardening, we wouldn’t dig up the seed every other day going “are you growing yet? are you? are you?” we would kill the seed of possibility, yet, this is what we do when we plant seeds of intentions for things to be attracted into our life.  Let it grow!  and don’t give up just before it breaks through the crust!

Most importantly FEEL the feeling of already obtaining what it is you are calling forth into your life.  This is the most important key, that is often missed or forgotten about when calling forward your intentions.  You have to FEEL as if it is already a part of your every day life.

So how can you feel something that you have maybe never had before?  Well, here is a guided meditation that you can do to get into the FEELING of the very thing you wish to attract into your life:

Find a quite place in your home, preferably a sacred area in your home that you feel most at peace and centered in.  Then closing your eyes, imagine you are breathing in golden liquid light – filling your whole body, exhaling dark green.  Repeat this three times.  Now imagine that you are sitting in a movie theatre, but this movie theater isn’t any movie theatre, it’s an Imax movie theater where the screen completely envelopes you.  Project onto the screen a scene of your current life, where you see yourself NOW, get into the feeling of how you feel NOW without the thing you are attracting into your life.  Really feel it.

Now imagine you can reach out and touch the screen around you.  In your hands you have magic erasers.  Erase this scene to beautiful pure white light.  Once the screen is completely clear and filled with white light, project onto the screen a scene with how you see your life HAVING the thing you are in the process of attracting.  See it fully.  Now FEEL it fully.  IMAGINE what the feeling would be to have it. Sit in that feeling, allow that feeling to overtake you.  How do you feel emotionally?  How do you feel physically?  Now lock that new empowered feeling into your energy field.  Imagine it locking onto you, this is a positive lock full of positive intentions.

Once you have fully locked this new empowered ideal feeling onto you, INTO you.  Wiggle your fingers and toes, and open your eyes.

You may want to visit this guided meditation daily, weekly, or ?.  But do use it frequently for best results.  For this guided meditation in audio form which includes the energy activation, you can go to: to download your free mp3.

Try these techniques and watch for PROOF that you ARE attracting your intention into your life!

Annette Blenkarn


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