Feel Your Way to Nirvana

credit: Leon Talbot

There’s a whole world around you that you can’t see. I’m not being metaphorical here or talking about the spirit world. I’m talking about the details of life happening around you everywhere you go: driving down the street, ordering your latte, or at the cafe around you while you surf. At best, we can only take in about 15% of what we see.

There’s a fascinating phenomenon called Inattentional Blindness, which means that our brain only sees what it’s looking for. There’s a widely circulated video of several people passing a basketball. You’re instructed to count how many times the ball is passed. By focusing on the ball, you miss the person in a bear suit moonwalking through the game.

I knew about this study before I ever saw the video and I still missed the moonwalking bear. It’s incredible!

What this means for you is that instead of relying on your conscious perception, it is much more effective to rely on the information gathered by the subconscious.

The body is the fastest route to the life you crave. ‎The unconscious mind processes information at 11 million bits of information per second. The conscious mind clocks in at 40 bits per second. The nonverbal mind communicates immediately through the body.

We cannot process all of the data going on around and within us. It’s our job to stay as awake and present as possible and let our subconscious filter and store the 85% that’s unnecessary.

There was a pilot in training who landed his plane (in simulation) after having done it countless times. This time, however, there was another jet simulated on the runway and he didn’t even see it. So he didn’t correct for it and crashed the plane. Later, talking through what happened, he said he had a sense that something wasn’t quite right.

Even though his conscious brain didn’t register the jet on the runway, his body gave him the signal that something was off.

Whenever you have a sense that something isn’t off, trust it. The body transmits messages about everything from danger to how to create the life you crave.

When I was about 20, I ran out of gas at 2 in the morning in a terrible neighborhood. There wasn’t a gas station close by and that was before cell phones. I knew if I gave in to panic I’d be in much more trouble than I already was. So I got calm and prayed. And then I waited and ducked every time a car drove by, waiting for a sign, a knight on a fast horse, a jug of gas delivered safely to me.

A black BMW passed my stalled car and I saw it turn around behind me. A surge of energy punched through my calm and I ran. I ran up the steep hill and over the guard rail onto the highway. When I looked down, the car was stopped behind my Ford. I knew that I’d done the right thing by running.

I was able to clearly know when to run because I was calm and listening for it. I probably gathered a number of details subconsciously. Maybe it was the relative speed of the car compared to how fast it should have been going; certainly I noticed that it made a U-Turn. I don’t know the specifics, but my subsconscious picked it up and signaled with a surge of energy and a clear message.

I was able to clearly know when to run because I was calm and listening for a signal. Had I been trying to hold onto every idea I had about solutions, I would have missed my own intuition.

Anything that’s true or based in Love has an expansive quality. Anything untrue contracts in the body.

Tune into the way your body signals to you. Close your eyes and think about something that isn’t true like “I love vomit.” Notice how that feels in your stomach and shoulders. Expansive or contracted? Now, close your eyes and think about someone it’s really easy for you to love. What does that feel like in your body? Where do you feel it?

Make a list of 3 things you have to do in the next day or so. Think about each thing individually. Does it feel expanded or contracted in your body?

This is a key ingredient in powerful life design. The more things you fill your life with that are expansive, the more expansive and Loving your life will be. Conversely, the more you do and believe that has a contracted quality, the smaller and more uncomfortable you will feel.

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