“Dear Beautiful You…”

This article was written by guest author Maliha Talib, www.everybliss.com

There are many milestones in a woman’s life. From her very first kiss to her very first child. She remembers these moments, and she cherishes them.

And just as a woman remembers these milestones, she never forgets the first moment she felt beautiful, and the rush of power that came with it.

We see girls walking around in cropped tops, ladies slathering on layers of makeup, and women forgetting their self respect for their partners.  All for the sake of feeling sexy.

What they don’t realize it, is they’re doing it for all the wrong reasons.

A guy is not reason enough.

A parent will only see their child, no matter your efforts.

A friend will always stand close.

You don’t have to feel sexy for them. You need to feel beautiful for yourself. Makeup, clothes, hair, and lingerie are all tools to help you understand the extent of your worth. They are created for nonbelievers to make them start believing.

Because you are the one who needs to feel it. You are the one who has to see just how sexy you are.

And with this realization will come the rush of self confidence.

There’s no need to bring yourself down to someone else’s level when you can achieve higher. There’s no need to give into only a night’s worth of passion to remind yourself that you are wanted. There’s no need to degrade yourself in front of the world.

You’re beautiful beyond comprehension, and people will have to work for it to get in your good books. They’ll have to work it hard.

Upon birth, every woman was gifted with this magic – the magic to make a man’s heart flutter, and to take the world by a storm. This magic will always stay with you.

If you’ve lost touch with your inner goddess, here are some ways to summon her magic:

  • A scandalous set of lingerie  underneath your work uniform will have you glowing with confidence and feeling naughty. And no one else but you needs to know what you’re wearing underneath. It’s your dirty little secret.
  • A night in, basking in the arms of your tub and the glimmer of candlelight will give you a moment to  breathe, relax, and pamper yourself.
  • If you can’t make time for an at home spa treatment, schedule a mani-pedi with your nearest nail salon. A little extra pretty will leave you feeling giddy for the rest of the day.
  • Play hard to get. The chase is thrilling both for you and the interested party, and you will be stunned at the amount of control you have over him.
  • Get a bold haircut – change it up! If you’re stuck in the same rut or are suffering from the after effects of a bad breakup,  step out a new person with a stunning new hairstyle. Make the change!
  • Indulge in your favorite sweets. Grab a fun new novel, your favorite pastries and lose yourself in the story. Put yourself in the place of the main character.
  • Women are said to have a rather nasty, controlling side. Take advantage of it, and turn your relationship on its head. Show your lover who is boss and take him for a wild ride.  Blow him away!
  • Blast your favorite tunes throughout your house and let loose. Sing along, mimic your favorite dance moves, or even hum the tune under your breath as you go about your day.
  •  Even if you have no where to go, treat yourself – make a date with you! Doll yourself up in a glamorous dress, killer heels, and dust on some makeup.

Confidence begins when you feel good and you know it. Understand this, the charm of a woman will always be her beauty. From the way she talks, the way she lives, the way she dresses, a woman’s beauty is endless.

You are sexy. You are powerful.

You are a woman.

Be confident.




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I love a good night in, curled up by the TV with the wit of BBC’s Sherlock and a tub of cheesecake ice cream to comfort me. I’ve been taking the world by it’s horns for as I can remember, and I’m giving it a fight it won’t be able to forget. Currently working for the wonderful Every Bliss, and helping women bring each and every one of their blisses to life. From teaching to guiding to learning myself. Please feel free to stop by, Every Bliss

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