Change is the only constant…

Change is the only Constant …

Change is the only Constant … these wise words were shared with me by a mentor during my corporate working days at a fast growing company. Though the words have always resonated with me, what do they truly mean?

As I am at a point in my life where ‘Change is the only Constant’, I started to ponder what is change? Why do some people thrive on change and others hide and avoid change at all costs?

The formal definition of change is -

To make something different. You can cause something to change, or you can bring change upon yourself.

The fact is that change is happening at an unprecedented rate all around us and is requiring us to make changes as well. In fact change is challenging systems that we were raised with – the government, education, ethics and healthcare. As these systems are aggressively trying to keep up, we are challenged to join in whether we want to or not.

Maybe it is more about how we approach change that is the issue? Instead of being wary of the unknown, should we not be excited about the possibilities?

How do you approach change?

There are a couple of different ways that I have experienced or have seen people handle change.

The first one is when the change knocks the wind out of us and we are immediately in defense mode by thinking or saying the following – “I’m so stressed out!” “Why do these things happen to me?” “I can’t take one more thing” etc.

The second tends to be a ‘survivor’ mentality. You are reacting but it may not be the best or sustainable way to handle the situation. You find yourself saying – “How can I get through this?” “What’s the worst that could happen here?” “I don’t know if I can take this.”

The problem with taking these approaches is that you just merely get by. When you’re ready to do more than just get by, it’s time to begin managing change. Here are some suggestions –

Accept change as a fact of life.

As humans, we never truly ‘get there’.  Our ‘to do’ list is never done, and we can’t catch up with technology, change is our only constant….accept it!

Commit yourself to learning on an ongoing basis.

As long as we are learning we’re on the road to an exciting, fulfilling, meaningful path. Learning helps us feel as though we are moving forward and accomplishing something helps to relieve our anxiety of being left behind.

Get healthy.

Change, even positive change, can be stressful. Managing stress through physical exercise, healthy proper nutrition and rest is mandatory.

Develop and maintain a strong network and support team.

Many of us do not want to open up to friends and family risking being seen as vulnerable or weak. This is far from reality. Many changes in our lives require us to lean on others for emotional support and/or advice. Your friends/support team are there to see you through the inevitable significant changes in your life just as you don’t even think twice about doing the same for them.

Engage in routine/rituals.

Performing routine or rituals every day helps provide us with the satisfaction that not everything is changing and grounds us a little more. Something as simple as making a cup of coffee every morning or devoting one morning a week to yourself goes a long way.

Eliminate the tolerations in your life.

Get rid of the little irritations (and sometimes big ones) that drain your energy…energy you need to manage change. A toleration can be something as simple as a missing button or as significant as a toxic person.

Keep a daily journal.

Writing your thoughts down every day will help clear your mind and support clarity and objectivity on the change you are facing. It will also help provide perspective on past change and how you handled situations.

Engage in meditation.

Quietening your mind, helps to calm your body and soul. This ability to become centered grounds you and prepares you for the changes that arise every day.

Look at change as an opportunity.

Change is inevitable. How we handle it is optional. Make the choice to confront and harness change and you’re likely to create a life that you have desired.

What tools do you use? We would love to hear from you!

Her words describing her state were “It was about holding a space open for you, and acknowledging the perfection of whatever it is you were experiencing. In that moment, it was perfect, and there was no need to exert influence to change. I knew you were capable of doing it yourself.”

Nicola Shaw’s career includes being a brand manager at Nature’s Path Foods for just over 5 years after 11 years with Starbucks Coffee Company. While at Nature’s Path Nicola had the invaluable experiences of working with EarthWatch in Costa Rica in their mission to save the leatherback sea turtles and to venture to the Amazon to work with the Amazon Conservation Team and their Shamen Apprentice Program. Nicola is passionate about social responsibility which stems from her commitment to yoga. After 8 years of Ashtanga and Anusara practice, she received her yoga teacher training from YogaWorks. Nicola teaches and encourages students to maintain a safe yet energetic flow during practice. Her philosophy is – “How you are on your mat is an analogy for how you are in your life”. She is a yogi, a runner, loves travelling, being with friends and doting over her niece(s).

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