Are You Worth It?


Are you worth it?

Worth what you may ask….?

Are you worth everything you desire to be, do, and have in your life? Are you worth loving? Are you worth living a life you love? Are you worth being happy?

Your first thought may be, “well once I change _______”, then I will be worth it. Or “once I prove_______, then I worth be worth it.

I am here to tell you, you are worth it right now. Right now as you are, you are indeed worth it.

They key is: You have to believe you are worth it.  Not just believe it, but own it with every fiber of your being.

Your worthiness is your own to create. Does that scare you? Excite you? I hope a little bit of both.

Can you imagine how you would feel, act and live if you really felt worthy? How freeing! How empowering! How amazing!

Worthy, not entitled. There is a big difference.

When you feel worthy, you are coming from a place of authentic self love. You are seeing yourself as a unique individual who is special, capable, & whole. On the contrary, when you feel entitled, you are coming from a place of lack and limitation. You are feeling better than or worse than. Feeling entitled means feeling like a victim. Choose to feel worthy and be proactive in creating your life.

So I ask you again, do you feel you are worth it?

Because if you do, life is reflecting this back to you. You are living your life on purpose and expecting great things to happen. Owning your worthiness means you are proud of who you are. Owning your worthiness means you love who you are. Owning your worthiness feels good!

You have to believe you are worth it first, before anyone else will.

As I have continue to embrace my own worthiness, I have had to let go of the need to prove myself. Justify why I am worthy. When you embody self-worth, there is nothing to prove. Period.

Simple tips to own your worthiness:

1. Make decisions from a place of worthiness.

Don’t settle. Speak up for what you want.  Do work you love. Choose a romantic partner who loves you for you. Spend your time doing things that make you happy. No guilt.

2. Treat yourself like you are worth it

Act as if. Treat yourself like your best friend. Self care is not selfish, it is necessary for you to really be able to give from a place of fullness. Take care of your mind and body. Love yourself.

3. Tell yourself, “I am worth it” . Out loud. Often.

Look in the mirror and say, “I am worth it,”. Open your arms to receive this and embody the feeling from saying this.  Breathe it in.  Turn your inner voice into your biggest worthiness cheerleader.

4. Invest in yourself

It is not selfish to invest in yourself, it is absolutely necessary. Investing in yourself is showing life that you are ready and willing to do what it takes to grow and fully express who you are.

5. Stop comparing yourself to others

Be self approved. Allow others to be themselves and embrace their own worthiness.  You owning your worthiness doesn’t take away anything from anyone else.

6. Follow your dreams

Take risks.  Be brave.  Put yourself out there.  Do things that support your dreams and work hard. Believe that you can have it all.

I challenge you to check in with yourself daily. Ask yourself, “Am I feeling worthy?”. If not, why? Get curious. Explore the areas and excuses that you tell yourself for why you don’t deserve the best. For it is through this awareness that you can let go of what is holding you back. Let go of whatever isn’t serving you. Don’t analyze, just let it go. Continue to focus on embodying your worthiness instead of explaining all the reasons you are not worthy. Shift your focus.

Lead with love. Love for yourself. Patience for yourself. Forgiveness for yourself.

As you continue to embody your own worthiness, you truly are creating your life from the inside out.

You are worth it.


Sarah Andersen

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