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Stepping Into Your Goddess Power
by Baljit Rayat

Are you that Goddess who keeps holding your truth back for the sake of pleasing others?
Then its time beautiful one to learn how to step into your Goddess Power. Intuitive expert Baljit Rayat of Lotus Destiny will take you on a deep healing journey to explore where you defer power in relationships and how to claim back your power once and for all!

Get Your Sexy On!
by Allison Braun
Learn the #1 Secret To Creating Genuine Desire In and Out Of the Bedroom So You Can Have An Effortless Flow Of Intimacy And Connection With Your Partner AND Feel AMAZING In Your Own Skin.

Allison Braun, aka The Bedroom Joyologist, helps women (often with a conservative background) let go of guilt and re-connect to the passion and playfulness in their life through sexual acceptance so they can feel comfortable, confident and sexy in AND out of the bedroom!

More Time + More Money bonus package
by Kelly Lynn Adams

After more than 10 years in corporate finance with top brands like Liz Claiborne, Bed Bath & Beyond, Deutsche Bank, and Trump Taj Mahal Casino, Kelly Lynn Adams decided to take her passion for business, as well as her deep appreciation for entrepreneurship, and create her own dynamic brand. Now as a speaker, certified business, leadership, and energy coach, Kelly Lynn is helping corporate leaders, managers, teams, and individuals overcome obstacle that block their paths to success.

She founded with the goal of helping entrepreneurs and businesses revolutionize their thinking around the fundamental elements of successful business creation, develop fresh, innovative ideas, and break through mindset barriers to reach their business and personal goals.

Kelly Lynn is the Co-Founder of the Make it Happen, Girl Brand ( She is helping to change the way business success is achieved, measured, and motivated – one company, one woman, one action at a time.

Dare to Fall in Love with Yourself…Download Your Free Self Love Kit
by Christine Arylo

Madly in Love with ME: The #1 Self-Love Guidebook that dares you to fall in love with yourself, and then girlfriend-to-girlfriend gives you the wisdom to do so. Full of how-to, practical, proven and sometimes zany ideas. A self-love must for all women and girls (guys, too!). Take an adventure into you, with a self-love test and learn the vows and hows of loving all of you. Learn the 5 Gates of Self-Love, listen to 3 inspiring interviews on “Radical Self-Care,” “Stop Being So Hard On Yourself,” and “Choosing ME before WE.” Plus, get the official 2011 Self-Love Song, “I Married Myself” in this fabulous package!

Everlasting Vitality and Youth: The Ultimate Guide for Health-Conscious Enthusiasts
by Bethanne Wanamaker

In the holistic nutrition and conscious lifestyle movement, there are several components that come together which if embraced, set one up successfully for phenomenal health. These strategies help each of us become the absolute best and healthiest expression of ourselves and lead us to living our mission with the energy we need to make it happen. If you’re a health-conscious enthusiast and conscious diva, read on to refine your approach for taking your health to the next cutting edge level.

“How to Move with the Flow of Time and Not Against It” Ebook
by Joanna Lindenbaum

Ever feel like you’re constantly rushed and never have time for anything? If feeling exhausted is a daily occurrence for you, or you’re not accomplishing your important goals – it’s time to change your relationship with time! You CAN find balance and the eBook “How to Move with the Flow of Time and Not Against It” can help. Joanna Lindenbaum, MA, has over a decade of experience in helping people attain their soul-centered goals through time-management as well as soul-transformation techniques. Move WITH time instead of against it in order to achieve success!

Feminine Sensual Magnetism Kit
by Antoinette Cabral

Cabal teaches individuals how to attract the RIGHT man by embracing a female sensual lifestyle! Through this powerful audio program, you will increase your magnetic feminine core, build self confidence, self esteem and self love. Learn powerful tools to be IRRESISTIBLE to the right man. Embrace your feminine intuition, so you know which man to keep and which one to throw away! Radiate with self confidence, radiance and self esteem, so you can FLOURISH AND SUCCEED in your love life! Get started today and ignite your “Feminine Sensual Magnetism”, so he finds you IRRESISTIBLE, wants to CLAIM YOU & KEEP YOU!

7 Steps to Release the Fat that’s Holding You Back, special report
by Amanda Moxley

The media offers a never ending supply of information about how to lose weight and become healthier. As soon as one guaranteed, sure-fire, method is discovered, another comes along that disapproves it, leaving the rest of us utterly confused about what is “right” and feeling hopeless in the struggle to transform our bodies. The great news is that I’ve spent the past 12 years discovering the tools to guide anyone through a total body transformation that will give you results and sustain you for decades to come. These tools may surprise you, but they will also take away stress when you realize that not only are they 100% effective, they are accessible, flexible, and even fun! With these 7 Steps to Release the Fat that’s Holding You Back, your struggle with your body will end, once and for all!

Soul Voice Meditation
by Meggan Watterson

Meggan Watterson is the founder of REVEAL, a women’s spirituality organization that empowers women to connect to the love within them, reclaim their bodies as sacred, and become soul-led agents of change in the world. She facilitates The REDLADIES- a women’s spirituality group in NYC where women come together to encourage each other to find, hear, and to follow the courageous and audacious voice of their soul. (Some break bread together, REDLADIES break dark chocolate. Smile.) She has her Masters of Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School and a Masters of Divinity from Columbia University. Her work has been featured in media outlets such as The New York Times, Women’s Radio,, and Her first book, REVEAL, will be published in the spring of 2013 by Hay House.

Seek the Proof of Truth
by Catrice Jackson

Catrice M. Jackson, International Speaker * Message Mentor * Platform Coach * and P-Spot Passionista is passionate about empowering new and aspiring speakers to Strip2Ease their visibility struggles so they can stop being the best kept speaking sensation and boldly step up to the mic and sizzle on stage. Catrice helps women in business, female executives and womenpreneurs get naked to unveil their voice, stand confident in their personal power and be irresistibly visible as they show up and shine on stage! With her powerful video, learn how to shift from FEAR (false evidence appearing real) into the Proof of Truth. Free yourself from fear and master the Art of Fear-Free Living.

Seek the Gratitude is One of the Most Powerful Tools We Have to Shift Our Reality
by Hillary Rubin

It’s just a thought away, a step away and dispels anger, fear + doubt instantly. How’s that for a power soul vitamin? I know how easy it is to get numb by so many messages about gratitude with everyone talking about it. It’s what you do with it that matters. And after years of being in the personal growth world I always seem to go back to the basics starting my day with gratitude. Now Take the Journey + Unpack Gratitude – Create a morning, afternoon or evening for gratitude. Make it your experience. Gather with your friends or by yourself. Make tea. Put on music. Sit in the silence. Say a prayer. Create the sacred + pour your heart out. List what you’re grateful for and why… As a Spiritual Life + Career Coach, Hillary Rubin helps women all over the world create real, lasting change so they can live their ultimate soul-fulfilling life. Founder of Your Soul’s University and Yoga Foundations DVD, she’s currently working on her first book, The Art of Becoming You, a guide for women who are hungry for an empowering new perspective on defeat, misfortunes and hardship.

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