About Us

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OUR MISSION IS to provide a platform that inspires and empowers women to be extraordinary versions of themselves by connecting within to discover their authentic path, speak their truth and live their dreams. We are a community for conscious women who value inner growth, have a desire to passionately live life without excuses and step into their power; expressing authenticity, feminine essence and uniqueness.

Our community is built on authenticity and values, purpose and passion, collaboration not competition. We believe that who you are as a human being supersedes who you are as a mom, wife, entrepreneur or professional.

We provide an online social network and online publication which is filled with wisdom from experts across North America focused on tips, tools and nourishment for the mind, body and soul. Providing modern women access to many resources that allow her to find her own path to inner fulfillment and bliss.

Our local chapters offer events facilitated by various experts which bring women together to cultivate community and support one another in being the best version of themselves, fulfill their life’s purpose and live the life of their dreams.

OUR VISION FULFILLED IS women globally experiencing a deeper connection with themselves, positive shifts in their health, wealth and relationships; while enjoying more fun, peace and ease in their life. Creating a ripple effect that inspires their families, friends and community to do the same which ultimately leads to change on the planet.



KatemukerKate is dedicated to consciously living her best life. Always open to learning and adopting new teachings that allow her to live a life she loves. Health, Happiness and Amazing Experiences!

One of her highest priorities is to be a supportive, loving, and loyal wife to her amazing husband Sukhi. When you get to know Kate you will learn there is no separation between who she is personally and professionally. Her passion and purpose are to consciously live  the life of her dreams while inspiring and empowering other women to do the same. Since meeting and working with her husband in 2006 she has gained an immense amount of knowledge and personal experiences about the potential for our health, well-being and success. By combining her background and love for marketing with her passion for living consciously, Conscious Divas was born.