Eating to Increase Consciousness

The power of food is immeasurable and can be used to influence our internal state. To connect with spirit, consciousness, the universe, your guides, god or whatever words you use you can use food to enhance your connection with the divine. Clarity of mind, purpose & feeling connected to something bigger than ourselves is a […]

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Five Easy Steps to Mental Self-Care

What is Self-Care? Self-care is a term that’s becoming quite popular. For those of you who would like some clarification or a refresher, here you are: Self-care is exactly what is sounds like — taking care of yourself. It means putting on your own oxygen mask before you help anyone else with theirs, and can […]

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Authentic Living and Rituals for Growth

Authenticity is being real in every moment that you breathe. It is YOU: no explanations, reasons, justifications, or sugar-coating. It’s not caring what the other people will say or how they’ll react – you’re not acting in a way based upon making them happy, but instead you’re living your truth in the most genuine way […]

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Breathe Your Way to Bliss – Vancouver

ATTENTION CONSCIOUS WOMEN OF ALL AGES…. We Believe That EVERY Modern Woman Deserves to Have a Community of Like-Minded “Divas” Helping, Supporting & Encouraging Her To Live Presently, Act Consciously and Grow Deliberately… Without Having to Sacrifice the “Finer Things” That Make Being a Modern Diva So Much Fun! JANUARY TOPIC |  Breathe Your Way […]

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Mind-Body Team

We are all taught the importance of teamwork at a very young age and are encouraged throughout our lives to be team players and work together. Teamwork is simply defined as “a cooperative effort to achieve a common goal.” Take a minute to think about all the teams you are a part of: Husband-wife team […]

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