Five Easy Steps to Mental Self-Care

What is Self-Care? Self-care is a term that’s becoming quite popular. For those of you who would like some clarification or a refresher, here you are: Self-care is exactly what is sounds like — taking care of yourself. It means putting on your own oxygen mask before you help anyone else with theirs, and can […]

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Authentic Living and Rituals for Growth

Authenticity is being real in every moment that you breathe. It is YOU: no explanations, reasons, justifications, or sugar-coating. It’s not caring what the other people will say or how they’ll react – you’re not acting in a way based upon making them happy, but instead you’re living your truth in the most genuine way […]

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6 Unusual Rituals For Personal Growth

Before starting my business I had already done a ton of personal growth work – you could even call me a personal growth junkie, which I bet you can relate to. I read books and went to courses and workshops galore. I realized years later that I was just scratching the surface, and was actually […]

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5 Steps to Spark + Nurture Your Creativity

Back in December I led a retreat for 15 coaches who were eager to build a coaching business that is unique to them. One thing I kept noticing they were all doing was they kept meeting challenges with their minds, sitting in front of their computer, trying to push out an idea. But… They only became […]

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The Top 3 Abundance Blocks Even Conscious Women Face

Do you bounce in and out of abundance in your life? Do you constantly worry that you’re abundance is moments away from vanishing? One day you have plenty of time, money or support and the next, you’re heart is palpitating and you’re looking for where it all went? If you’d like to see more abundance […]

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Intuition in Business – Busting the Procrastination Habit

As a Business Intuitive, one of the most common questions I’m asked is how to bust through the procrastination habit. How do we transform this energy from a stumbling block to the springboard of success? How do we catapult ourselves from inaction to that sweet satisfaction of victorious accomplishment? It’s inevitable; sooner or later, all […]

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Psssssst. It’s Me, Your Feminine Soul.

Calling in “The One” begins (and never ends) with the recognition of our true identity on the deepest level of soul. When we’re clear about who we really are, when we’re embodying our feminine soul, it becomes exponentially easier to recognize our true (that’s him!) partner, finally standing before us, mirroring who we’ve been all along.

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100 Ways to Say I Love You!

Self-love is NOT just a concept that you learn. It is an ACTION that you MUST take.
And in order for you to truly love yourself…YOU have to actively participate. Not just when you feel like it but all the time. Think of self-love as a muscle…one that must be nurtured if you want it grow. Here is 100 ways to say I love you!

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The Treasure of Life

Your treasure is your authenticity….it’s your trustworthy, genuine essence of your heart. Cultivate this authenticity by leading an embodied life of courage, compassion and connection.

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