Alignment is the Key to your Life’s Purpose

Alignment is essential if we want to discover and live our life’s purpose. While physical alignment will support our body, aligning our mind with our heart is the key. How can we tell when our mind and heart are not in alignment? We will feel it as resistance physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and/or energetically. Resistance […]

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7 Ways Inner Celebration Assures Magic in Life

Life is about phases, seasons cycles and ebb and flow. Some love December for all of its celebrations and seasonal goodies, with Christmas trees, lights, decorations, lots of great food and connection. Others find it stressful; a lot of work and expense with little time to really relax, connect and enjoy the season. Depending on […]

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3 Ways to Use the Power of Gratitude

Ever wondered why everyone’s using gratitude these days? Curious about how gratitude can truly help you? It’s no secret that gratitude has immense benefits to our success and wellness. Oprah, Deepak and most of the the who’s who of personal development tout gratitude as their go-to strategy. We see gratitude websites and apps online, gratitude […]

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Being Grounded: What It Is, What It Isn’t, and How To Achieve It

‘Being grounded’ is letting go of expectations – yours and theirs. It’s the knowledge that you are not in control but are still taken care of. It’s understanding that your life is but a moment in time – and whatever is weighing heavily on you right now…is fleeting. ‘Being grounded’ is dodging distractions, shrugging off […]

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Holding Your Light with Unshakeable Confidence

Imagine how different the world would be if we all had the courage to own who we are. We would all shine bright and share our unique gifts and talents with the world. We would all hold our own light with unshakeable confidence on a solid foundation of love. When we bring awareness and shine light on our internal pain, fears, and worries, we can heal them once and for all.

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sun ritual

Keep Life Real through Ritual

The importance of ritual connects us to our spiritual growth, to the mystery, awe and magic of life. But many of us run the danger of robbing ourselves of the lost art of ritual. Without personal rituals, misplaced priorities cant take us off our path, leading to despair and confusion. Without ritual, we take self-care […]

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Five Easy Steps to Mental Self-Care

What is Self-Care? Self-care is a term that’s becoming quite popular. For those of you who would like some clarification or a refresher, here you are: Self-care is exactly what is sounds like — taking care of yourself. It means putting on your own oxygen mask before you help anyone else with theirs, and can […]

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Authentic Living and Rituals for Growth

Authenticity is being real in every moment that you breathe. It is YOU: no explanations, reasons, justifications, or sugar-coating. It’s not caring what the other people will say or how they’ll react – you’re not acting in a way based upon making them happy, but instead you’re living your truth in the most genuine way […]

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