Five Easy Steps to Mental Self-Care

What is Self-Care? Self-care is a term that’s becoming quite popular. For those of you who would like some clarification or a refresher, here you are: Self-care is exactly what is sounds like — taking care of yourself. It means putting on your own oxygen mask before you help anyone else with theirs, and can […]

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Authentic Living and Rituals for Growth

Authenticity is being real in every moment that you breathe. It is YOU: no explanations, reasons, justifications, or sugar-coating. It’s not caring what the other people will say or how they’ll react – you’re not acting in a way based upon making them happy, but instead you’re living your truth in the most genuine way […]

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woman listening to gossip

Psssssst. It’s Me, Your Feminine Soul.

Calling in “The One” begins (and never ends) with the recognition of our true identity on the deepest level of soul. When we’re clear about who we really are, when we’re embodying our feminine soul, it becomes exponentially easier to recognize our true (that’s him!) partner, finally standing before us, mirroring who we’ve been all along.

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The Treasure of Life

Your treasure is your authenticity….it’s your trustworthy, genuine essence of your heart. Cultivate this authenticity by leading an embodied life of courage, compassion and connection.

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10 Ways to Make 2014 “Your Best Year Yet!”

Here we are again at the top of a year and what if this was your best year yet? January brings with it new ideas, energy and hope for more fullness, brightness and abundance than ever before. There’s usually extra inspiration in the air to be leveraged to lay the foundations for your best year […]

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Angels and Intuition

The soul never gives up. And thank God for that! No matter what life throws at us, we all have a soul, a spirit and a light that shines brightly inside of us. We can choose to turn this light up brightly or turn it down. We can even ignore it for a while, but […]

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