7 Questions Every Conscious Diva Should Ask

This is a JUICY one. Let’s dive right in & be sure to grab your journal to take notes – there’s a lot of questions for you to consider:

Do the foods I eat make me feel more ALIVE? Do you feel energized after you eat, or more sluggish, tired and like you need a break before continuing on with your day? If you feel the latter, not only is that a clear sign that your digestive power is not working at full force, but that your food choices are not enlivening you. The food we eat is fuel; it should keep you energized throughout our mission-driven days. We do become what we eat so if you want to feel more radiantly alive, add more high vibe food with lots of life force in tact to help you feel this way.

Am I totally in love with my food choices? Over the past several years I’ve noticed that more and more I often say to myself and loved ones nearby – Oh my gosh, I LOVE this food (and the way I eat)! This is no joke, although it should make you smile. I get so excited about the sweet & savory morsels that I put into my mouth that I cannot help but feel so blessed to have embraced the conscious diet & lifestyle that I lead. It excites me very much and if you are not excited by your healthy food choices (like looking forward to how they will make you feel), then challenge yourself to change things up and eat more foods that have grown from our earth into beautiful plants, herbs, and edible flowers – and I bet you’ll start being in love with what’s on your plate.

Can I eat the products that I apply to my skin? I feel it’s critical that the products you apply to your skin should be helping you – even nourishing you – and certainly not hurting you (even on a small level). If you wouldn’t feel comfortable spooning them into your mouth, consider WHY are you using them? Your skin is your largest organ and it drinks up everything that you put on it. The idea of edible skincare requires a paradigm shift for many and is definitely worth initiating (possibly sparked by me). The quality and potency of the products you use should RADIATE and be absolutely apparent, not just because of what the label says (remember, there are no regulations for labeling in the cosmetics/personal products industry), but because it’s so safe and good for you that you can eat it. That doesn’t mean you will – it means you CAN. :)

Am I making a positive impact in our world? On some level, you know what kind of difference you’re making and if it’s “big enough” for what will fill up your heart. Whether you are on a fierce mission to change the world or not, we all want to be making strides to improve the lives of others. What actions are you taking that contribute to this? As each year passes, do you feel a sense of pride for the inspiration and lessons you’ve generously shared with your friends, family, colleagues, and online tribe?

Am I proud of the path and lifestyle I’ve chosen? Would you have your life any other way? Do you wish you had made a different decision at some point a few years ago? It’s never too late to start living the life you have always wanted for yourself. Remember this quote in case your choice is the road less traveled, like mine is: “There is never a crowd on the leading edge.” ~ Abraham-Hicks. This quote triggers something deep within me almost as though it encourages me to persevere, to live what I know I came here to be, and to do it no matter what people say, how others react, or at their influence. Make yourself happy and the rest will fall into place. It’s not always easy, but it will make you feel proud that you owned your passion and pursued it passionately.

Can others count on me for my positive attitude & bright outlook? How do others perceive you? Do they come to you to share complaints or a breath of fresh air? It’s good to think about how we want others to feel when they are in our presence. I know I want people to feel inspired, motivated, re-committed to themselves, and confident after a conversation or any engagement with me. How do you make those around you feel?

Am I living a life that makes me happy? Do you smile to yourself as you lay in bed quietly at the end of the day with a sweet smile of relief that this is really your awesome life? We make choices every day that make us happy or not, so it’s our responsibility to do everything we can to ensure we go to sleep with a smile. If we do, we are much more likely to wake up with a smile & feel happy (instead of dread, exhaustion, overwhelm…) and then spread our essence of joy to others.

What do I want my legacy to be? What do you want to be known for and have others say about you both now and in the future? Are you making decisions TODAY that lead to being remembered for that? Our actions every single day shape our bright future and lead us to our destiny. Share what you want your legacy to be in the comments section below so we can hear how our fellow Conscious Divas are living a life that makes us happy and proud!

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Written By Bethanne Wanamaker

Bethanne Wanamaker is the founder of Edible Goddess, a raw superfood dessert chef, holistic nutrition & lifestyle educator and author of multiple recipe books. She lives to inspire you to become the absolute best and healthiest expression of yourself! Bethanne teaches others how to activate their highest potential as an inspirational speaker and how to use food and lifestyle as the catalyst for a MUCH better life. Her delicious workshops have won the amazing award for "awesome classes as seen on Ellen" (the Ellen Degeneres show).