Is Online Dating For You?

For all my single ladies searching for love and maybe even the one” – this is for you.

Online dating, despite being widely used, still kind of has a bad rap.  That being said there are a lot of pro’s to online dating.  There are also con’s.  Ultimately the decision of whether or not it’s for you is for you to decide.  Not too sure what’s right for you?

Before making a decision you’ll want to explore this pro’s and con’s list, and in the comments below you’ll be able to add your own pro’s and con’s to share.

I am by no means an online dating expert; however I do have my own fair share of personal experience both with dating online and offline.

In this day and age you are probably feeling busier than ever and the thought of finding a guy may feel daunting.  Especially if you aren’t into the bar scent or if you are more shy.  So what’s a girl to do?

In my experience a mix of online and offline interaction is best (at least it was for me).  When I was dating online I found it really easy to sit on my computer for hours, chatting and emailing – which sadly felt more exciting at times than actually going out and being with people – or at least it was an easy distraction (especially as an introvert).

But, as an introvert and someone who wouldn’t at the time go out just to meet people, meeting guys online first was a really easy way to get a baseline of interests, potential conversations, and whether or not I actually wanted dot get to know this guy better in person.

I actually ended up meeting some pretty awesome guys that I am still friends with to this day and had also had an awesome long term relationship with a guy I met online.

So here is my breakdown of pro’s, con’s and things to consider when you are debating on whether or not to use online dating sites.


  • Opportunity to meet people you would probably not meet otherwise
  • Ability to take your pick
  • You get a chance to see if this person has any potential deal breakers before actually spending any time getting to know them.
  • You don’t have to spend time going to try to meet people (esp. beneficial if you work a lot or are very busy) and instead can arrange dates based on your schedule to maximize fun time
  • Shy? No problem – get to know them first before meeting


  • If you go about it in the wrong way it can feel more like a job than dating
  • You can only handle so many “You’re so ________ (beautiful, sexy, etc.) messages with no thought put into them
  • Sitting on the computer after a day of work isn’t your cup of tea
  • People aren’t always honest and can waste your time when it comes to actually meeting them
  • Feel a connection online but not so much in person

Things to keep in mind:

  • It’s meant to be fun – if it’s not fun don’t do it, or find a way to adjust things so it is.
  • Don’t seclude yourself online – get out with friends and do things you love and enjoy – sometimes when you least expect it the one” pops up.
  • ** Only when I was being “consciously selfish” and having fun, doing what I loved did I actually attract my husband.
  • There are companies such as Hitchette that will help match you with your ideal partner after doing a thorough screening of them (aka they do at least some of the work for you – great for the hard working ladies out there that aren’t keen on sitting at the computer after work).
  • In order to find your ideal partner, aka “the one,” you have to be an energetic match.  This means you will probably have to do your own inner work and let go of unhealthy patterns, beliefs, fears, etc.  in order to attract a partner you truly desire 
  • Relationships are a mirror.  If you find yourself attracting the same types of guys or the same situations in relationships this is a great opportunity to explore, get to know yourself better and heal.  Until you learn your lessons you will keep being taught ;)

Have you had a good or bad experience with online dating?  Have your own pro’s and con’s you’d like to add to this list?  Share the love and experience in the comments below.

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*Stay tuned for next month’s article: Do’s and Don’ts of Online Dating

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Written By Allison Braun

After building her own thriving business and coaching women from over 10 countries, Allison Braun "The Business Joyologist" now helps purpose-driven women build a lifestyle business that attracts their Soul Mate Clients using all their greatest gifts. She wants you to believe in yourself and your (possible ignored) dreams as much as she does. It's possible to do what you love when you want, how you want and where you want while having enough money to feel sustained and free. Receive support and guidance in building your own dream business by entering your name and email at