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The Gift of Gratitude

ATTENTION CONSCIOUS WOMEN OF ALL AGES…. We Believe That EVERY Modern Woman Deserves to Have a Community of Like-Minded “Divas” Helping, Supporting & Encouraging Her To Live Presently, Act Consciously and Grow Deliberately… Without Having to Sacrifice the “Finer Things” That Make Being a Modern Diva So Much Fun!   SEPTEMBER TOPIC |  THE GIFT OF GRATITUDE […]

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Kundalini Dance – Vancouver

FALL SERIES |  Kundalini Dance™ With Community Director, Martine Kleissen. Want to move your body and invigorate your soul? Let go of limitations that you feel hold you down or keep you small? Feel yourself expand with creativity, possibility and let yourself step into the fullness that you are. Join us and dive within. Dance your soul awake and feel clarity and openness as […]

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Featuring Everyday Goddesses


Everyday Goddess: Kate Muker

Kate Muker is dedicated to consciously living her best life. Always open to learning and adopting new teachings that allow her to live a life she loves. Health, Happiness and Amazing Experiences! One of her highest priorities is to be a supportive, loving, and loyal wife to her amazing husband Sukhi and a loving mom to her daughter Indira. When you get […]

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Conscious Divas

Conscious Divas


OUR MISSION IS to provide a platform that inspires and empowers women to be extraordinary versions of themselves by connecting within to discover their authentic path, speak their truth and live their dreams. We are a community for conscious women who value inner growth, have a desire to passionately live life without excuses and step into their power; expressing authenticity, feminine essence and uniqueness.